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We love to aid in choosing the right kind of approach to contracting

Company Values

You are special because of the choice that you make:

When a person who is highly qualified makes a non conventional career choice as that of becoming a contractor, one must understand that he is not your Average Joe. In fact, he has the confidence that with his kind of talent, education and confidence he can try his hand at anything and come out successful.

Contracting is different from the conventional kind of job:

As a contractor, you are not confined to cubicles with a nine to five kind of job profile nor do you have a set designation. On the contrary, as a contractor you will be taking up responsibilities as diverse as the companies with which you will solicit work.

We love to aid in choosing the right kind of approach to contracting:

Choosing the right path of contracting is as crucial as choosing the right career path itself. When you come to a counseling session with us, we will hold numerous face to face meetings to help you determine your kind of calling. Whether it is the contracting via the umbrella company or should it be that you set up your own limited company and contract yourself.

The pros and cons of both will be brought home to you:

There is a pro and con for everything in this world and when we say that one type of career is right over the other, we are actually doing a comparative study and also thinking about the prerogatives that you have in mind in order to reach your financial goal faster.

The responsibilities vis-a-vis the benefits:

If we are to pitch one form of contracting against the other, it all will boil down to the increase in responsibilities will commensurate with a hike in the take home that you will manage. So, basically, you need to give yourself time to understand what is better for you. Either it is working harder and taking a slightly bigger package home or m=working hard and not worrying about the statutory deductions et al and still taking a decent package home?

We are here for you:

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